Stuart has constant creative input into various PASSION proJECTS and is always open to new collaborations. Music, video or written.


Stuart Newman is a Broadcast audio engineer, musician and writer with over 20 years experience in operation and support for Pro Tools.

After an anarchic teenage he used his punk rock connections to publish underground music magazine Control! before hooking up with cult video producers Jettisoundz/Visionary to produce documentaries with bands such as The Exploited and The Cockney Rejects.

Graveyard editing shifts with no technical support meant his initial engineering skills were learned by crawling under desks and behind racks to re-seat cables and reset servers.


After moving Control! to the new fangled internet and a stint running a college TV and radio station, he joined newly launched proto-DTT flagship, OnDigital/ITV Digital, where he was submersed into formal broadcast engineer training and climbed to Network Supervisor before a bum football deal sent the station into oblivion!

From the ashes of ITV-D came a connection which saw him join former Sky creative head, Bruce Dunlop's agency, BDA Creative, as a junior audio engineer.

Stu Marshall St.

In 2003, after a year of intense Pro Tools training, he took over BDA's Sparrowhawk Media account delivering the Hallmark channel to 10 International territories in 15 languages. In at the deep end indeed. Promos, long form, adverts, radio shows and ident sound design were abundant in a 10 year tenure.

2006 saw two landmarks: The first was producing the debut Underclass UK album, a band in hiatus from his teenage; the second saw Stuart enter long term recovery from alcoholism.

Live music recordings and videos were very much a part of Stuart's recreation around this time with a resident recordist spot at both Dagenham & Redbridge FC and East London's BH2 club, with over 100 acts filmed and recorded for the Punk Lives Live archive. During this time, Stuart moved Underclass UK from the studio to the stage with their debut gig opening for Punk legends the UK Subs.

2012 saw a move to NBC Universal to produce on-air promotions audio for, Syfy Channel, E! Entertainment network, Diva Channel, Movies 24 and Studio Universal across 9 territories in 8 languages.


2015 saw a collaboration with former Fits frontman and hypnotherapist, Mick Crudge, to produce the EnTrance self-help audio library, a behemoth project, comprising of over 1000+ hours of guided holistic content, and a yet to be produced corporate mind-gym app.

2016 saw Underclass UK record their 5th album, with the band upping the stakes on the live front reaching almost 100 gigs in every cesspit and toilet around the M25, venturing out to sample alternative khazi's from Morecambe to Bournemouth via Norwich, Oldham and even sunny Ramsgate, before going back on hiatus in 2018.

As well as hooking up with Lost-Data productions to cut mini-docs for their StreetPunk The Series collection (based on Newman's own viral doc, StreetPunk The Movie - IMDB)


2018 saw Stuart complete two feature lengths movie scripts and a TV show pilot. Punk Snot Dead, an optioned book from renowned music critic, Morat is also complete and ready for development.

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Stuart produced 13 titles for the cult Blackpool based label, Jettisoundz, a subsiduary of Cherry Red Records, still one of the largest independent record labels in the world. These included The Exploited - Rock & Roll Outlaws, Oi! The Video pt.1 & 2, Punk & Disorderly Further charges, Holidays in the Sun trilogy all distributed to Virgin, HMV, Tower Records, etc.


Stuart published 9 printed issues of Control before re-branding as Kontrol on a fledgeling internet. Building his own HTML site. He wrote several documentary scripts for music based films and sleeve notes for CD's and LP's.

In 2018, Stuart began Screenwriting and has 3 completed features ready for development.

After a random encounter with a Paul McKenna 'Stop Smoking' CD, Stuart found self hypnosis instrumental in him beating his demons and rebuilding his life.

EnTrance, a huge catalogue of 1000+ hours of self help sessions (with over 600 YouTube videos alone) is Stuart's way of helping people help themself.

Holistic Audio


Live recording

YouTube/Roku channels and record label for Stuart's Live Punk recordings. Over 100 sessions from as many bands sit in the PLL archive awaiting mixing and/or editing and addition to the YT and Roku channels. Several of the uploads on YouTube have well over quarter of a million views! Currently producing mini doc with hardcore legends Discharge.


Roots in the 80's. Five albums and twice as many promo videos. And a tight as hell live act on-stage.

A fun time had by all, but put on the back burner due to loudness issues causing band member ilness and wanting to quit whilst ahead. Low profile stuff - but high key fun!



18+ years of Pro Tools operation and trouble shooting. Working for many years in multi language re-mastering. Experienced in pretty much all facets of broadcast audio post-production except costume drama, and very easy to work with. Always keeping fresh projects on the go to challenge the occasional monotony of episodic versioning.


Post Production Audio